We regularly connect with our brothers annd sisters in Shetland.

ORCAS is a gathering of  believers from Orkney, Caithness, North Sutherland, Shetland and beyond which takes place once or twice a year in Orkney at the Christian Growth Centre in Kirkwall.    If you are interested in knowing more contact us

The next ORCAS Gathering is in Shetland from 2 – 4 August 2019. The theme is Root (Route) for Revival. A root signifies an underground (low profile) storage of energy that will result in visible, vibrant shoots of leaves, flowers and fruit as we plant and water and the Lord gives the growth. Routes, on the other hand, speak of channels of communication being established between different geographic areas so that the flow of revival will flow through the whole nation.

Whether roots or routes, they will only flourish under the Lord’s Hand, when we live and walk together in unity ,according to Jesus’ great prayer in John 17 v 6– 26. So perhaps we are now in a vital stage where leaders will meet together recognising that they comprise a corporate leadership chosen by the Lord to oversee the whole flock in this geographic area. As Paul instructed Titus (Titus 1 v.5) “straighten out what was left unfinished, and appoint elders in every town/area.” The Lord’s promise is that when we dwell in the unity that is Christ’s gift to us (today often unwrapped) He will not only bless us but will command the blessing which will result in life for evermore for us and for those we live amongst.

If you would like to find out more or to be added to the specific ORCAS mailing list then please contact Jennifer  We hope to have hosted accommodation with Shetland Christians in place for those travelling from outside Shetland – let Jennifer know if you’d like to use this. 

See the latest Shetland Prayer Letter 

Also see the calendar below for what else is happening in Shetland.

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