24-7 Prayer – Breaking Barriers

Knowing nothing about 24-7 Prayer, I came across an advert for “Magnify” and felt compelled to go.  The fact that my husband immediately agreed to come to a 2 day prayer gathering was indeed proof that God still performs miracles!  Of course, the Lord had started work on us well before, but the 2010 gathering in Edinburgh was a catalyst.  God spoke so clearly in the days before, during and after the gathering that I had no doubt He wanted us to gather the local churches in Caithness to pray in unity, humility and blessing on St Andrew’s Day 2010 and also to launch a county-wide 24-7 Prayer room from Christmas Day to New Year’s Day.  Just as well He was so graciously clear, as the day before I sent out invitations to all 30 churches I discovered my mum had a 7cm tumour in her breast which had spread to her lymph nodes, and who knew where else, and we may be facing our last Christmas with her. On top of that, I wasn’t even free on St Andrew’s Day as I had to travel to Inverness with work; and, after weeks of searching, we had no suitable prayer room.  But God had spoken, so we kept going, certain that He would provide. Within days, a 6 year-old boy had heard from the Lord regarding a “lady with a sore booby” (my mum is well and still with us today!). Then the morning of the St. Andrew’s Day gathering brought a snowstorm and my course in Inverness was cancelled!  And just 1 hour before the event my friends called to say they had secured a large office-space in Thurso town centre for the prayer room – free of charge and, as they were about to re-decorate, permission to cover the walls! (2 years later I discovered that a local lady had a dream before we even knew about our prayer room – she saw a flashing light coming from the window of this office onto the street below, lighting up the whole area!)  Over 70 folk, from at least 9 different fellowships, prayed 24-7 on the north coast in the final watch of the “Big If” year of prayer in Scotland.  If you’ve spent time in a 24-7 Prayer Room you may understand the joy, freedom, expectation and glorious intimacy we experienced that week, and again the following year at the start of KC2012.  We then continued with monthly praise & prayer gatherings in a local diner and further one-off events.  Others are now organising regular united praise & prayer events, including our sister fellowship in Scarfskerry, the most northerly church on the mainland and site of the first “Revival Run” (prophesied 2 months earlier by a lady we met at Magnify).  This summer we had the first gathering – “Breaking Barriers” – of the ORCAS partnership (Orkney Caithness and Shetland) in Kirkwall, which one friend and seasoned missionary said was “the closest she’d ever come to being in an atmosphere of the New Testament Church.”  There were no barriers between those present, only genuine love for new friends and their localities. At one point I looked around the gathering and every single person was either praying for someone or being prayed for! Some felt barriers removed, including healing from long-term medical conditions, from fear and worry, and from limitations. Others came away with a new boldness to step into more of what the Lord was showing them. And one friend from India had been there before in a dream, many years ago, having never visited our continent before, let alone Orkney!  As I write this today, 6 of my friends have stepped into a vision the Lord gave after “Breaking Barriers” – to travel to the remote areas along the north and west in a motorhome, praying over places, with and for people, and encouraging other believers – like a mobile prayer room. They didn’t have a motorhome when they received this vision, but of course the Lord already had that one covered!  Over these last 6 years, connections and friendships across the north coast and beyond have grown in love and in number, but “the best is yet to come” as we:

“Break down these barriers, tear down these walls
Rise gospel carriers and follow where He calls
Light our path and guide our way
Lord empower us each day
To share Your story, reflect Your glory –
United in Your love
For Kingdom living and whole life giving
Your purpose here to serve.”   
(chorus of song “Break Down these Barriers” by Guy Gordon 2016)              

                                                                                                                             Jennifer – Nov 2016

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